Privacy policy

In the Tetora Group, We think personal information is very important. Our company manages customers’ personal information as follows.

  • Obtain customer’s personal information.

    The following cases, we ask a customer for an offer of the personal information

    * When customer takes room reservation.
    * When customer offer to various service and reservation.
    * When customer requests information materials.
    * When customer ask for information about something.

  • Purpose of Use of the Personal Information

    Personal customer information will only be used for the following purposes.

    * When it is necessary to contact a visitor
    * When We do analysis for service improvement.
    (We don’t use personally identifiable information)
    * When We deliver the information

  • Obligation to Disclose Retained Personal Information

    Except following cases, we will never disclose our customers' personal information to third parties.

    * We got the consent from customer in advance.
    * The public institution requested that our company to disclose personal information.

  • Protection of personal information

    This site protects customers’ personal information through encrypted communication.

  • Please use this address for inquiries on personal information:

    Tetora Group 040-0015 Hokkaido,Hakodate,Yanagawa-cho17-16


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